This story and film is based on a true story from my family. Flash back to the mid 1980's - My mother had been living with Multiple Sclerosis for nearly 20 years. Our family learns of a potential "miracle cure" for MS that involves multiple bee stings, administered on a daily basis. My father first caught bees around the neighborhood before buying a hive and becoming a full-fledged backyard beekeeper in order to have a constant source of bees for the treatment. My father would administer daily bee stings to my mother's back and face (from 5 to 15 at a time) for what amounted to more than 3000 bee stings over the period of a year. Through months of accidental stings, my father developed a severe allergy to bee stings that nearly suffocated him one day, when he was stung near the throat. The film chronicles our entire experience and the unexpected results the treatment produced. This is a story of family, love and perseverance in the face of something seemingly greater.